Matt is outwitted; and Clarrie tries to outwit Susan.

Radio Times: Lilian finds herself the victim.

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  • Adam is spending his birthday running a strawberry stall on the market. Jennifer, Pat and Ruth are helping, dressed in tennis gear, which gives Lilian cause for some bitchy comment.
  • When Clarrie calls on Susan to tell her about the marzipan, she gets a very lukewarm welcome. Clarrie insists on staying until the cake comes out of the oven, and her comments about it being burnt round the edges do little to dispel the rapidly-gathering frost between them. Reluctantly, Susan agrees that Clarrie should take the cake home to put the marzipan on, but she will do the icing herself.
  • When Jennifer goes off for a coffee, Ruth tells Adam about Shula’s visit, and her anger at their treatment of Alistair. Adam wonders if they wouldn’t be better to apologise and take Alistair back, but Ruth says that’s impossible.
  • Lilian and Matt return to Honeysuckle Cottage to find there’s been a break-in. Nothing has been stolen, but someone has been through the documents Matt left there for safe-keeping; details of his off-shore investments. It must have been Yvette or her Private Investigator. Lilian wants to call the police, but Matt stops her. After all, he has been trying to pervert the course of justice; he can hardly tell that to the police.

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