Mike keeps quiet but Lilian tells all. Kenton finds an assistant.

Radio Times: Kenton’s prayers are answered.

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  • Mike and Kenton enjoy a mutual moan, Kenton about the cost of his ad., and lack of response to it, Mike about the lack of support he’s getting in building the assault course.
  • Matt has stayed over at Lilian’s, after the break-in. He says he’s got all the rest of his files safely stashed away, and that Lilian has nothing to worry about. He goes off to a business meeting, and Lilian phones Jennifer for sisterly support.
  • The entrants for the assault course, including Brenda, try to pump Mike for information, but he won’t give any secrets away. Even a pint from his daughter fails to loosen his tongue.
  • Lilian tells Jenny about the break-in, and Jenny is predictably self-righteous in her response. She warns Lilian what might happen if she were to be implicated in Matt’s dubious dealings, but Lilian won’t listen.
  • Kathy tells Brenda that Kenton is looking for help at Jaxx, and Brenda jumps at the chance of some cash until she goes off to university. Knowing how sore Kenton is about the cost of the ad., Kathy asks Brenda to imply that she saw it, rather than hearing directly from Kathy.
  • For a change, Kenton stops moaning when Brenda asks him about the job. He doesn’t even listen to her rather feeble explanation of how she heard about it, he’s just so pleased to have her on board.

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