Family tensions mount. Kenton makes some progress.

Radio Times: Shula lets off some steam.

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  • A rather more cheerful Alistair gets home early. He’s keen to persuade more drug companies to sponsor the primary school cricket project, and needs to email them. Then he’ll take Daniel for a bike ride. Shula says she’ll walk Scruff to meet them. It might be her last chance, if the insurers decide he caused the accident.
  • Nigel brings Lily for her riding lesson. Elizabeth doesn’t want to face Shula. Phil turns up to see Lily, and both he and Nigel do their best to remain impartial, but this only makes Shula more angry.
  • Kenton brings Kathy a bottle of wine and some flowers to thank her for helping him over the job vacancy. Brenda’s starting on Monday, and he’s sure she’ll be just what Jaxx needs. They open the bottle, and a romantic interlude ensues. Just as Kenton begins to think Kathy is over her fear, Jamie bursts in. Once again, Kenton has to go home alone.
  • Shula tries to talk to Phil about Alistair. A distraught Shula tells him she’s frightened for him; he’s so depressed. Ruth and David would listen to Phil if he tried to talk them round. Although he’s sympathetic, Phil thinks David and Ruth were right. They do need a specialist vet. Shula feels that the whole family has turned against them; they’re on their own.

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