At the single wicket competition the Archers are pre-occupied with the continuing family feud.

Radio Times: Alistair’s performance is singularly unimpressive.

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  • Phil and Jill are having lunch at the Stables and the atmosphere is strained. The only bright spot on Alistair’s horizon is a sponsorship deal to help with the planned cricket coaching at Daniel’s school. He certainly is not confident about today’s single wicket competition.
  • Tom is expecting a rather special spectator but Tamsin is proving difficult to contact – and he gets a teasing from Kenton who overhears the message he left her. Neil takes the opportunity to remind Tom about the weaner pellets; they only have about four days supply left.
  • Shula cannot help notice that not all the village has turned out for the competition: David and Ruth are conspicuous by their absence. Tom gets admonished for carrying his mobile on the pitch; reluctantly he agrees to give it to Kenton when he is next playing. Of course, he dare turn it off!
  • Shula tells Jill about the row with David and Ruth, when she went round to see them. She was so angry and they tried to blame it on Sam. They had no respect for Alistair’s position or his feelings.
  • Tom needs two runs to win but he is distracted by a shout from Kenton about a call on his mobile and is bowled out – on top of that Tamsin rings off before he can answer it.
  • Alistair will not stay to see Shula present the trophy to the winner, Neil. Jill is really worried that this business over Alistair is tearing their family apart. They must do something but Phil has no idea what.

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