Emma drives a bargain with Ed; Yvette drives a hard bargain with Matt.

Radio Times: War is declared on Matt and Lilian.

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  • It was a bit of a shock for Susan when Neil brought the single-wicket trophy home and, truth to tell, it’s not what Susan had in mind for the middle of her new mantelpiece. She and Emma have taken the cake round to Clarrie’s for marzipan to be put on. Emma decides to go upstairs to say hello to Ed.
  • Matt has had an unwelcome phone call; Yvette reveals what she has learnt as a result of the burglary.
  • Emma is keen to persuade Ed to play with Dross again, as Fallon has asked. She is bored; Susan and Clarrie won’t let her do anything towards the christening. If only she could drive; it would be great. Ed is quick to volunteer to teach her but she feels she is not used to the car. She is easily persuaded.
  • Matt’s phone call is not going well. It is clear that Yvette has a very full picture of his financial affairs and she intends, more or less, to blackmail him with the knowledge. If he’d known she could be like this he would have employed her rather than marry her.
  • Emma’s three point turn is not perfect but she manages it. A rather irate Tom was kept waiting for a while – probably still smarting from being stood up by Tamsin – again! A deal is struck: Emma will let Ed keep giving her lessons if he will play in Dross.
  • Yvette is accusing Matt of perverting the course of justice. Lilian persuades him that the situation is serious; he should come clean. He really knows she is right and reluctantly agrees to let Yvette win this round and let his solicitor look for a loophole. But he is determined not to let Yvette have the last laugh.

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