Debbie is convinced she can change Matt’s mind on the Estate contract.

Radio Times: Sibling rivalry returns to Home Farm.

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  • Brian is still worried about the lack of profitability of Home Farm. Blue Skies thinking is needed. Maybe they could let Jeff go but Debbie thinks generating more money is a better option. Debbie is convinced she can get Matt to give way on the Estate contract.
  • Lilian has “borrowed” Jade again for her traffic survey. But Lilian thinks it should be okay for Matt to have Jade back by next week. Debbie pops round for lunch. Matt explains that his main aim is property – even for the Estate land in due course. But even in the meantime, Debbie doesn’t think the Estate land is being managed well. Graham Ryder seems not to be keeping the contractors up to scratch. But Debbie offers to give him some hints – but in the office not for lunch!
  • More pictures have arrived from Bert – on an elephant this time. Sid still wants to say no to being bought out, but supposing they bought Caroline’s share anyway, they could make life very difficult. And if the chain does go elsewhere, how does that leave them with Caroline. But owning the place is important to them.
  • Brian is anxious to block up all the entrances to the land and bridleways that are wide enough for a 4×4. Debbie’s up for that. She also hints that Matt might give way. But Brian points out Matt has always had a soft spot for her – and if she does manage to pull it off she’ll have done the farm a mighty good turn.

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