Lilian is still very jealous of Jade. Sid firmly rejects Caroline’s suggestion he might sell his half of the Bull.

Radio Times: Lilian gets tactical.

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  • Lilian is still very doubtful about Matt’s activities in London with Jade. But she’s managed to take Jade away again – to help with a traffic survey on the village green complete with borrowed red cagoule and green bobble hat! Matt is less than impressed.
  • Brian persuades Alice to look after Carly for an hour or so. But Carly isn’t interested in the horses or Alice – Christopher Carter gets a look in though.
  • Matt is looking at putting more drives down in the country park. He’s always fancied that bit of real estate – real Jane Austen country. Marketing is the key. Perhaps he can persuade people Elizabeth I stayed there.
  • Caroline tells Sid she’s had an offer for the Bull, but only if he sells his half too and becomes a tenant. Sid makes it quite clear that that is not on. The Bull is his home as well as the business he’s put his life into.

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