Lilian thinks Matt is playing away with Jade. Tom and Brenda make declarations of love.

Radio Times: Kathy has a night to remember.

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  • Jolene is very nervous about Valentine’s night at the Bull. Her first night cooking and there are 55 bookings but it goes well. Lilian is miserable without Matt – he’s gone off to London with his PA again and she’s not entirely convinced it’s innocent.
  • Kenton is late back for his Valentine’s Dinner. Kathy thinks he’s probably propping up a bar somewhere. And the dinner is drying up! Might have to resort to Tom’s burgers! Turns out Kenton has had a blow out on the by pass. He had to run all the way back! So Kathy has to forgive him after all. And it ends up with declarations of love between Tom and Brenda as well!

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