Tony is still not keen on the plans for selling the carrots. Kenton is having trouble getting Kathy’s valentine gift.

Radio Times: Kenton gets romantic.

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  • Tony is still not interested in Pat’s attempt to sell more carrots. He feels like giving up but Pat wants to carry on. Tom agrees with Pat though. Times are changing. She’s impressed with the picture but Tony doesn’t like it.
  • Brenda has got Kenton’s valentine meal ready and he’s got the recipe book rebound so should be a good evening. Until Kenton ends up driving into a ditch. So he’s relying on collecting the book in good time. It’s got to be a night to remember.
  • Jennifer has had trouble with a 4×4 driver as well. Not sure if it’s the same person though. People can’t just be allowed to drive wherever they want.

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