Debbie is cool. Daniel is delighted. Shula and Alistair are furious.

Radio Times: Shula’s big day is shot to pieces.

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  • Alistair is cooking crepes Suzette for his and Shula’s wedding anniversary, but has run out of Cointreau. Jennifer finds some to take over. She can’t settle because Debbie is on her way home.
  • Jim keeps up his atheistic taunting of Daniel, who stands up well for himself, then starts on Alistair for running out of Cointreau. Shula is relieved when Jennifer arrives, but has to twist her arm to get her to stay and share the burden of Jim over a drink.
  • Brian pours praise on Debbie for the job she’s done, and gives her a good bonus and pay rise – plus a very expensive birthday present. There’s still a tangible awkwardness between Debbie and Brian, though, and Jennifer is upset when Debbie tells them she’ll be spending New Year with her new boy-friend’s family.
  • Jim gives Daniel an air rifle, to the horror of Alistair and Shula. Daniel is, of course, delighted, and as he and Jim rush outside for some practice. Shula and Alistair become more glacial by the minute.

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