Nic needs a lift. Jason needs a decorator, Shula needs company.

Radio Times: Robert’s skills are in demand.

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  • Kenton cooks pancakes for breakfast and tells silly stories, both of which delight Jamie. They realise they all need some last minute presents and head for town. They have a great time, finishing with lunch at the Feathers.
  • Will calls to see if his dad has any mistletoe left, Eddie is really pleased that Nic has moved in, and impressed when he hears that she has persuaded Will to go to the Crib service. But Will has a problem; he’s busy with the Boxing Day shoot, and Andrew has let Nic down yet gain. She needs someone to take her to her mum’s. Eddie says he will go as long as Will covers for him as beater.
  • Jason the builder reappears in Ambridge, desperate for some labour in the Village Hall. Eddie’s too busy milking and lambing, Will’s tied up with the shoot – but what about Robert Snell? says Eddie.
  • Jason is somewhat taken aback when he meets Robert; he had someone younger in mind, but even Jason can’t be a chooser, and he signs Robert up.
  • Shula is laying on a drinks party to try and make Jim’s visit go faster. The Snells can’t make it, and Kenton won’t when he hears that Elizabeth will be there.

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