Debbie is in two minds about the job offer but Brian unwittingly precipitates her decision.

Radio Times: Shock news at Home Farm.

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  • Debbie goes to JAXX to tell Kenton that she has got the job with the seed company in France. Now she’s not sure if she would be doing the right thing to take it – too many pros and cons. Kenton suggests she make a list of both, and decide which list looks like the most sensible. Then do the other one! His sense of humour lightens her mood and he jokes about the prospect of free holidays in France.
  • Adam is showing Alice how to plant strawberries. Brian arrives to check on their progress. Alice can’t believe that there are 5000 to do but Adam assures her that Mike will do most of the work – he’s saving her for later, when they need picking!
  • Debbie returns to Home Farm after lunch with Kenton. She was coming to take Alice riding but saw her with Adam and Brian in the strawberry field and didn’t want to disturb them. Jennifer is upset when Debbie infers she no longer really feels part of the family. Brian comes in to ask for her help regarding the venison marketing, and as they go to the office, Jenny hopes this might be the beginning of reconciliation. She suggests Alice wait patiently for her ride by making some flapjack.
  • Brian can’t find the relevant figures and suggests Debbie look in the waste bin. She discovers the discarded photos of Ruairidh’s Christening and vehemently accuses Brian of being in contact with Siobhán again. He is unable to persuade her that he isn’t, that he has chosen Jennifer and he really means it. Debbie refuses to listen and rushes out through the kitchen, telling Alice that she needs some air. Alice goes after her. Brian emerges from the office, ruing out loud his stupidity in not having burned the photos. Jennifer, though surprised, receives his explanation graciously and says she believes him.
  • Outside, Adam wonders what Debbie’s rush is. She tells him about the photos and he, like his Mum, wonders why she can’t give Brian the benefit of the doubt. But Debbie knows she’s the odd one out … she must make a phone call.
  • Later, Adam joins the family in the garden for tea. Alice has enjoyed a ride on her own. Debbie arrives to tell them her news. She’s been offered a job in France, has accepted it, and after a weekend of organisation will be gone on Monday …

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