Debbie says her goodbyes at Brookfield; there is no turning her.

Radio Times: An unusual customer in the Bull.

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  • Lynda is being a pain; she thinks that, on the website, Jennifer sometimes skimps on village events, Christmas, for example. (If only she knew what a difficult time that was at Home Farm!) More than that, she thinks that what is needed is a message board. Jennifer does not agree but is so keen to get away to talk to Debbie that she encourages Lynda to canvass opinion, just to get rid of her.
  • Tony is being a pain; he is occupying the crease but scoring few runs. Ambridge are going to lose.
  • Debbie is being a pain; she is impervious to her mother’s request to defer her departure for a few days so as not to leave on such a bad note. She is looking forward to a fresh start and will not be around to ruin the romantic atmosphere as her parents cosy up like he had never been unfaithful.
  • What will Lynda think of next, she is only taking a llama into the pub, where Sid is holding forth on Alistair’s tactics; he has no doubt that is where the blame lies for today’s defeat. Chaos ensues and the llama gets her marching orders.
  • In the relative peace of Brookfield, David and Ruth also have an unexpected visitor; Debbie has come to say goodbye. (Oh, no!) She assures them that Adam is keen to take on her Hassett Hills role. She will miss working with them but she has no doubts; it is a great opportunity. She used to be happy here but is now as miserable as sin. There is nothing more to be said beyond congratulations, good luck and take care. David tries the old “never to late to change your mind” approach but clearly in vain.

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