Debbie departs for France, unmoved by last-minute grovelling on the part of her step-father.

Radio Times: Bon voyage, Debbie.

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  • If there is one thing Jolene has learnt as a parent it is that offspring have to want to do something; you cannot make them. This bit of psychology is dispensed to Eddie in The Bull, who is still worrying about Ed. Man to man talk is not Eddie’s style; he tried arranging to meet for a pie and a pint but it has not worked.
  • Debbie is packing and a few family photos are essential. Alice has come to return a bracelet but really Debbie intended her to have it anyway. Debbie is keen for Alice to visit her in France but that would come third behind school work and showjumping. Debbie wants Alice to take good care of her horse, Tolley, and this she will gladly do. Brian has one last attempt to convince his daughter (actually step-daughter as she is quick to remind him) that he is a reformed character, that he sorry for hurting her and that she is irreplaceable – but ’tis a lost cause.
  • In The Bull, Ed has still not turned up but the talk is of Lynda and her llama; after she had got the animal out yesterday, she returned to ask people about the latest bee in her bonnet, the message board. Business is slow today and Mike offers an idea for an event to generate some trade – a nettle eating contest! Really! Apparently it is not painful if you do it right.
  • At Home Farm, Debbie is whisked away by Adam to catch her train, turning down the chance of a last look round. There is no relaxation of her coldness to Brian. She promises to ring as soon as she can but Jennifer worries about when they will see her again.

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