Ed’s cloud of depression begins to lift, with a little help from mum and dad.

Radio Times: Joe Grundy, good Samaritan.

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  • At Keeper’s Cottage Clarrie is still dreaming of Alan Titchmarsh; what Ed is still dreaming of is still a mystery to the family, although it clearly does not include helping Eddie.
  • Ruth thinks that they should arrange a Hassett Hills meeting but David suggests pausing until he has talked to Brian tomorrow. He also wants to know if there is a problem fulfilling Brookfield’s contract. Debbie is a hard act to follow, although more notice would have been useful.
  • Clarrie is still not getting through to Ed. He needs to pick himself up after the disastrous holiday. She has made several excuses to Oliver Stirling. She tries to stimulate an interest in driving; even with a conviction, if he passes his test, that might open up more interesting job opportunities. Grudgingly, he agrees to get the licence application form – tomorrow!
  • As Joe is quick to point out, running out of petrol in his MG was a careless thing for Tony to do. Bartelby had a good breakfast so he won’t run out! In the trap, the conversation turns to Tom’s sausages: Joe has sampled the trial batch at half price. However, after he has gone so far out of his way to give Tony a lift … (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)
  • Clarrie is determined to move things on, so she has been to get the driving licence form. Ed will do it later. Ed will do it now! Joe and Eddie return home, Joe with two packs of sausages, Eddie with news of his helper for the day. Jazzer was a good worker and will get the job again if Eddie finds himself alone tomorrow. Ah! Suddenly Ed finds himself available for work after all.

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