Elizabeth learns about Debbie’s flight to France; she didn’t even say goodbye.

Radio Times: A shock for Elizabeth.

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  • Kenton is on the scrounge but he is getting nowhere with Nigel. He is obsessed with the first flights of his adopted birds and even Kenton has to admit that is quite a sight. Don’t take it personally, Nigel, when they fly off to Africa.
  • Adam has been plastering in an unused building, ready for venison preparation. David is coming round after nets to talk about the future, post-Debbie, and Brian is keen that he sees that they are on top. Adam suggests Ed Grundy as a casual worker but Brian will have none of it – casual, yes, but not sloppy.
  • Elizabeth knows just where to look and Kenton is delighted with what she has found – a Marlon Brando poster which is just right for the café. In return, Elizabeth seeks bright ideas for Nigel’s birthday on Sunday. Kenton suggests hiring a river cruiser; so that’s settled then – a cycle ride. (No, I don’t understand it either.) Maybe she will have a social event later in the week; maybe Debbie will come. Kenton explains why not.
  • David needs reassurance on two matters: commitment to Hassett Hills and plans for this year’s harvest. Rest assured, both are in hand – even if Brian drives the combine himself. Good! However, David thinks he will hang fire before signing a contract for next year.
  • Elizabeth cannot sleep. How little Debbie must think of her. It is all Brian’s fault. Nigel is hopeful that, away in France, she will come to see how unfair she has been to Elizabeth. Probably not. It is hard to make real friends, not just acquaintances, when you are older and sad when you lose one. She didn’t even say goodbye.

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