What are friends for; a talk with Fallon give Ed something to look forward to.

Radio Times: Fab friend, Fallon.

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  • She only went into the shop to buy chocolates but Fallon also collects a plea from Clarrie to look in on Ed: he could do with some company. Her initial reaction is that Ed does not exactly go out of his way to maintain contact with his “mates”. Clarrie’s mind is taken to lighter things when she is invited to look round the show house at Grange Spinney; Susan is the cleaner there.
  • Eddie is trying to explain the joys of nettle eating to his son when Fallon turns up and invites him for a drink this evening. His lack of cash is helped by an instant sub from his father.
  • Susan does not have to try hard to convince Betty and Clarrie to like the new house. If they won the lottery they would have one like it – each. (No prizes for guessing who would be engaged to do the garden!)
  • Fallon is perceptive enough to realise that Ed’s troubles stem from Emma. She had not realised it was so serious. The trouble is, Ed really liked her – still does. William went mad when he knew they had been out together; what would he say if he knew they had slept together. She has made her choice; Ed feels he is a loser. Fallon tries to convince him that people care about him: his parents, Oliver Stirling, Fallon herself. She suggests that he comes with her and Tom to Glastonbury; she will need to check with Tom but it should not be a problem. Great, but why? Fallon is feeling guilty and does not like to see a mate so unhappy when things are going so well for her.

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