Lynda wins: Ambridge will have a message board.

Radio Times: Words from abroad.

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  • Everybody is mucking in at Home Farm, including Jennifer helping with sorting the sheep. She enjoyed it more than she will enjoy talking to Lynda about her message board idea; at Lynda’s insistence that is next on her agenda.
  • Sid cannot wait to phone Adam with the news that captain Alistair has dropped Tony and moved Adam up the batting order; not before time in Sid’s view. Adam insists that he has no ambition to become captain but if ever he reconsiders, he will have Sid’s full support because Alistair is losing his touch and has no vision.
  • Jennifer is concerned that a message board would attract cranks and attention seekers but Lynda insists that there is a surfeit of enthusiasm for one. Of course there has to be some control, viz. limited access and moderation of the messages (which, needless to say, Lynda stands ready to take on).
  • Fallon’s 18th birthday is approaching and Jolene is planning a party. What should she and Sid buy as a present? Discussion is deferred because Fallon herself is approaching. She is not very interested in the forthcoming nettle eating contest but will consider it if Tom is interested. Tom, it seems, is “cool” about Ed going to Glastonbury.
  • Jennifer cannot see any way round it, Lynda will get her way over the message board. Debbie rang an hour ago and spoke to everyone – well, nearly everyone. Brian asks that next time they be sure to give her his love and tell her that he is thinking about her.

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