Alistair wins the Single Wicket competition but Sid declares the result a travesty.

Radio Times: Perfect pressie for Nigel.

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  • The arrangements for Nigel’s birthday are going well; Kathy has excelled with a hedgehog cake, Julia has offered to teach the twins music-hall songs (though Lizzie has vetoed the choice) and Lizzie has a special surprise for the birthday boy. It’s a tandem, hired for the afternoon.
  • At the Single Wicket competition, Sid is not happy with some of the umpire’s decisions and makes sure everyone knows it.
  • The tandem ride is a test of Lizzie’s fitness, though Nigel waxes lyrical about the similarities between a good marriage and tandem riding. She’s relieved when they reach Nigel’s surprise picnic at Miller’s Pool. Iced champagne, strawberries and cream, delivered by Titcomb make it the perfect celebration.
  • Sid is furious when Phil gives Adam out and Alistair is the winner of the Single Wicket trophy.
  • Enjoying the evening sunshine and full of champagne, Nigel suggests a romantic skinny-dip in the pool. Just as they are about to take advantage of their seclusion, Titcomb arrives to drive them, and the tandem, home.

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