Brian is feeling Debbie’s absence; several jobs on the farm have been overlooked.

Radio Times: Eddie bales out Brian.

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  • Pip and David are training Brookfield Britney to be led on a halter in preparation for the Royal Show, where she will be entering the Royal Hereford heifer class. Pip wants to miss school so that she can see the judging; Ruth isn’t so sure, but will talk to Pip’s head teacher, Mrs Newell, about it.
  • Eddie has hired Oliver Sterling’s baler, and comes to Brookfield to offer his hay-baling services. He is very impressed by Britney, though she brings back some painful memories of the old days at Grange Farm.
  • At Home Farm, Brian and Adam are putting the finishing touches to the new butchery, ready for the inspector’s visit next week. Brian is tense; he’s missing Debbie more than he realised, and is worried that he’s not on top of things as he should be. Adam is reassuring, and offers to do more once he really knows the ropes.
  • Sid is still sore about the umpire’s decision-making at the Single Wicket competition, according to Eddie, but Adam thinks Phil’s decision was a fair one. Eddie offers to do some baling at Home Farm, and Adam persuades Brian that it might be a good idea. Brian thinks employing Eddie is just further proof of the mess he has got into.

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