Tom begins to realise the drawbacks of a single powerful customer for his sausages.

Radio Times: Tents and tension for Tom.

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  • Fallon and Tom are practising putting up their tent for Glastonbury. Fallon isn’t impressed but a new tent for her birthday isn’t top of her list. She’s not even sure its worth it now. But her dad has a tent – he might be prepared to lend it. It might even have separate sections – so they don’t have to snuggle up to Ed – he’ll have to sleep in the stall.
  • Sid and Jolene have gone for a necklace for Fallon, and the Lonely Goat have confirmed for her party. In the meantime, Eddie is checking up on the entries for the nettle eating contest – because he is a concerned father, not because he is running a book of course. And Freda is coming round about the party – even getting quite into the nettle theme for the menu. In the meantime, Eddie thinks Brian looks like he’s been eating nettles. Debbie leaving looks like it’s caused some problems.
  • Some of Jolene’s memories of Glastonbury heard second hand from Fallon and Betty – riding topless on a motorbike for example, seem to be causing some concerns for Sid.
  • Tom has heard from the supermarket that his sausages aren’t selling at all well. If things don’t pick up they might want to cut back by up to 30 cases a week – a third of his total output. Has the supermarket any idea what that would do to his business?

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