Tom agrees to do some product promotion and David contemplates changing contractors.

Radio Times: Message board malarkey.

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  • Usha is helping Ruth with the hay. She wants them to attend a Gupta family party – at the village hall. Aunty Satya has arranged for people to come from as far as Wolverhampton. She is a real control freak.
  • Tom is talking to the supermarket about what to do to control the sales. They want to reduce the price but Tom thinks they should be doing more to promote the product. There must be something they can do. They agree that he can do two or three tasting samplings a week in the supermarkets. Tom is a bit disappointed they can’t do more but it’s got to be worth a try.
  • Jill and Peggy are suffering Lynda at the village fete planning meeting. But they don’t have many new ideas. Guess the weight of the llama does not seem to meet the bill really. Otherwise it’s just the usual. Usha thinks about inviting Jolene onto the planning committee, she is always full of good ideas.
  • The message board seems to be going well but Lynda is struggling a bit with the moderating! Especially from Joe – half a dozen messages a day on the most trivial subjects a day and he expects them to appear immediately even though the spelling and grammar is awful.
  • Ruth and David are pleased with the Herefords, should go well at the Royal. But there are problems with Home Farm. Now Debbie has gone, Brian doesn’t seem to have been looking at the crops properly. Some friends of theirs have changed contractors. Something they should bear in mind too. It never hurts to remember they have options.

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