Tom’s latest wheeze is to display pictures of pigs (and a reluctant Neil) to promote his sausages.

Radio Times: Photo opportunities in a pig field.

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  • The production of the sausages is going well even if the sales aren’t. Fallon is trying to cheer Tom up but if the sausages go belly up then no one will ever trust him to run his own business again. Fallon tries to take him through the principles of marketing – he needs a proper display and decent visuals. Tom doesn’t sound convinced at first but maybe he has an idea.
  • Kenton is trying to teach Nigel some nettle eating techniques – Emma is so efficient Kenton can leave her on her own to do everything … Elizabeth’s party seems to be going well but Julia is fed up with the mess. Especially all the bikes and equipment, frightfully vulgar to have the family crest emblazoned on something that looks like a fluorescent bed pan.
  • Tom has decided on a digital camera for Fallon’s birthday and he decides to test it on Neil – grab some straw and smile! And as well testing, they will help with some visuals for the displays in the supermarket.
  • The guests begin to arrive for Elizabeth’s party. Irina seems to impress the lads but Julia is sorry for her – she obviously doesn’t have any money for clothes – everything she is wearing is rather too small!

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