Debbie is still bent on punishing Brian; Jennifer has reservations.

Radio Times: David has concerns about the year ahead.

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  • Brian is very tired after his night in the lambing shed but Debbie has decided he has to do tonight as well. And she’s off to the Oxford Conference for the whole three days. If Brian wants time off he will have to find cover – not that its the farm manager’s job to arrange a staff rota at all. Since she didn’t take any leave last year she is of course to take time off at a moment’s notice at the busiest time of the year.
  • Debbie is trying to push Hassett Hills but David thinks they will need to discuss it with the other members before the go ahead. David is a bit uncomfortable when he hears that Debbie has given Brian an ultimatum about the conference.
  • David is worrying about the future of the farm, things are still very bad even though the sheep are doing better. He had always wanted to take over the farm but could he really recommend to Pip or Josh or Ben that they go into farming. He needs to raise some cash to reduce the borrowings.
  • Debbie tells Jennifer she is going to be away for her birthday. She wants Jennifer to take a break too – it would serve Brian right. She wants Jennifer to pay him back – he shouldn’t get away with it. Jennifer tries to stop her going on, it doesn’t do any good. Jennifer says she’d love a break but if she goes she may not feel like coming back. Debbie seems to think that that is exactly what Jennifer should do. But doesn’t Debbie see it, that is why she can’t.

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