Debbie puts her foot down, determined that Brian should not ‘get away with it’.

Radio Times: Debbie is being assertive.

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  • Heather is finding it hard finding something to do. She is trying to help with the children but Ruth wants to do things her way. Phil plays some tunes for her instead.
  • Jill and Shula have gone out to buy Janet’s present. The table is straightforward but a painting of St Stephen’s might offend the other churches. Bert’s “Ode to Janet” is coming on though. Turns out Oliver is going to give Ed the keys to Grange Farm while he is away in Rome with Caroline. Jill thinks it might be tempting fate. Although she and Phil might need to go away, what with the noise from the new estate and Eddie chipping Christmas trees.
  • Elizabeth seems to be getting a bit worried about Nigel. He seems to be drinking rather heavily. Jill thinks it might be just the time of year but Elizabeth thinks it might be more than that. Jill will have to give her a ring.
  • Hayley and Shula are practising their comedy sketch – something from the Vicar of Dibley. They will miss her.
  • Debbie is kicking up a fuss over the time she is putting in at the farm. She wants him to do more nights in the lambing shed and she has decided she is going to the Oxford conference. Brian will just have to sort it – just the way an employee should treat her boss!

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