Kenton starts the year as he will doubtless go on, by letting people down.

Radio Times: Kenton’s made a resolution.

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  • Ruth is telling Heather what a good evening they had at Lynda’s. Pip had a good time too being the only person in the country to hear Big Ben.
  • Janet didn’t make Lynda’s party last night. She will be sorry to leave Ambridge. Lynda has been tidying up but she can’t find the leather wallet Leonie bought Robert. She’ll have to find it before Robert wakes up. She wonders if Eddie or Jazzer might have taken it but why? It didn’t have any money in it.
  • Kenton is in trouble again for not getting up to see to the horses. Why is everyone down on people enjoying themselves? Shula tries to explain how he has let everyone down but he doesn’t get it. Why doesn’t she give him a break? Suddenly of course it is all because he is missing Meriel. He says its because Mel is being spiteful but that doesn’t mean the yard doesn’t need doing.
  • Lynda tells Ruth and Heather how pleased she is at how the party went after last year when the Hall was flooded. But she is still worried about the wallet. Word seems to be getting round that the poem was made up!
  • The parishes have collected about £1000 for Janet. She’s seen a table she would like but doesn’t know what to do with the rest of the money. Maybe it should go to charity but Shula says it was collected specifically for her.
  • Lynda is worried about the atmosphere between Kenton and Alistair. She hopes it wasn’t her fault but Shula thinks Kenton is old enough to look after herself. Lynda manages to blurt out about the surprise party in front of Janet but she already does know about it. But then, of course, we had all forgotten that this was all about how Shula will feel – she is, after all, losing a friend too . . .

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