Jazzer has his fun at Lynda’s party; so do Kirsty and Chaba.

Radio Times: A midnight kiss for Chaba?

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  • Lynda is making the usual fuss over the New Year party including a Tam o’Shanter on the stag’s head. Jazzer says he’s ready for the first footing and his poetry but it all seems a little strange.
  • Jennifer thinks Debbie might be missing out but Brian thinks she is probably glad to be out of it. He tries to persuade her to go out to a special restaurant for her birthday but she isn’t keen and then Peggy suggests a joint celebration for her and Jack’s 12th wedding anniversary.
  • Jazzer reads out total garbage for his Hogmanay poem. No one seems to notice. He Fallon and Ed get tucked into the lager as a reward. Kirsty ends up with Chaba at the party because Tom is “networking”. Fallon is less than impressed. As are all the rest of the guests with Jazzer’s choice of music.
  • Chaba and Kirsty end up dancing together to “oldie” music. Robert has been sick in the water feature and the “young people” are smoking suspicious rollups. No one knows the right words to Auld Lang Syne. Out with the old and in with the new!
  • Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves – Robert and Lynda, Kenton and Kathy and then – because it’s traditional – Chaba and Kirsty! Fallon is not impressed.
  • Brian wants to make a new start for the New Year but Jennifer can’t promise anything. Oh well, the New Year can’t be any worse than the old one. Happy New Year!

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