Brian bids a sad farewell to Siobhán and to their son.

Radio Times: It’s a traumatic day for Brian

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  • Mike and Eddie are clearing up after the Grundy World of Christmas. They didn’t make as much as wanted but every little helps. Not sure if they would do it again though. Neil was quids in without even lifting a finger though. Well they will leave the spare trees for now. Though Neil isn’t so keen . . .
  • Siobhán is moving out. No last minute changes of mind. But there was no other choice. She will miss Elizabeth but it will be a fresh start. She is going to stay with her family to start with but Brian’s money will help them find a place of their own.
  • Neil has decided that the spare trees are going back to Eddie. Lynda will go spare when she sees them dumped. Eddie doesn’t know what to do with them – but then Ed gives him an idea. He can turn the trees into mulch and make some of their money back. He could also offer to chip up everyone else’s trees. Should bring the punters in.
  • Elizabeth is saying goodbye to Siobhán at the airport when Brian turns up. He couldn’t go without seeing them. Brian is going to miss both of them. He is not sure how he is going to get through this. He doesn’t want them to go but Siobhán says it is too late for this. She does want him to stay in touch with Ruairi. She thanks him for the most precious gift in the world – their son. Brian really breaks down but Elizabeth has stayed to offer a helping hand. It’s time to go home.
  • David find Brian fixing fences. He needed not to be at home. Brian tells him that Siobhán has taken Ruairi away. He knew he had to finish it but Ruairi is his son. He never knew it would hurt this much. David says he couldn’t imagine giving up one of his children and he has to try to save his marriage too. He has hurt her so much. David thinks Brian and Jennifer have a good chance, but if it doesn’t work, what will it all have been for.

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