Jazzer is tempted to play a trick on Lynda.

Radio Times: Jazzer receives an unusual request

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  • Alice still seems rather upset and Debbie isn’t behaving any better with Brian. She thinks she might be getting ill and she hopes Brian will do his turn in the lambing shed. The atmosphere is rather tense. Jennifer thinks Brian is just being pathetic.
  • Ed and Jazzer are teasing Fallon because Chaba seems to prefer Kirsty. Fallon doesn’t think its true. Debbie tries to persuade them to get rid of all the extra Christmas trees but they aren’t keen. Then Lynda appears and tries to persuade Jazzer to recite a poem at her New Year’s Eve party. He isn’t keen on Burns – most people can’t understand him. But Lynda has even brought a book of poems. He’ll have a look but he’s not promising anything. For a tenner though, Ed gets him to agree to read out a poem they have all written.
  • Brian isn’t looking forward to Lynda’s party but Jennifer insists they are going. She tells Debbie she really isn’t finding this easy. She won’t until Siobhán has actually gone. It’s really upset Brian. Debbie isn’t very sympathetic but Jennifer says she still loves him. Debbie can’t believe Jennifer wants to help him. He brought it all on himself. But Jennifer feels differently. She has always been there for him.
  • Jazzer tells Lynda that he is going to read out a poem that is native to his clan – the Revenge of the Sporrans – and Lynda is thrilled. The real name is something like the Babbling Brook Runs through the Glen but that is only the translation. They will have something really good worked out by Tuesday night.

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