Debbie is still sore

Radio Times: Debbie comes to the rescue.

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  • Lynda still hasn’t found anyone to play the iconic role of Scrooge, though Joe is still keen to be cast. She tries David and then Kenton, but without success.
  • Kenton is busy showing Meriel the sights of Ambridge, including a ride in Bartleby’s trap. Back at Kathy’s, Meriel is afraid of the wind that’s got up, but a game under the duvet puts paid to her fears, and Kathy is forced to admit that she loves having Kenton and Meriel living at the cottage. It’s just great.
  • The wind has caught Adam out; he still hasn’t dismantled the polytunnels. David comes to the rescue, but the wind is too strong – they need someone else. Debbie wasn’t answering her mobile, but responds to Adam’s message, and lends a hand, ruining her clothes. Adam is very grateful, and at first Debbie is gracious about it – but still manages to snipe at the success of Adam’s strawberry enterprise.

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