Helen runs away

Radio Times: Susan steps into the breach.

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  • Kirsty gets a shock when Helen appears in the shop. She’s very distressed to see what she regards as changes in the way the shop is run, and admits that she’s run away from the clinic. The get-well card from Will and Emma upset her -she can’t bear the thought of them at Greg’s cottage. A worried Kirsty phones Tom for help.
  • Emma’s worried, too. She can’t pin Kenton down to any decision-making about staffing at Jaxx, and Tom’s putting pressure on her over the sausage promotion. The ever-casual Kenton just tells her to do what she wants, so Emma engages Susan for the few hours she’s able to fit in.
  • Over a cup of tea, Helen tells Kirsty why she ran away – she just couldn’t bear to see an anorexic girl admitted the previous day. Helen’s convinced she doesn’t need treatment – girls like that one need it. Tom and Kirsty eventually persuade her to go back, and take her there themselves.

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