Meriel proves to be a problem

Radio Times: Kathy finds her hands full.

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  • Sid’s under stress at the Bull, without Jolene to help. Fallon is busy with her ‘Comprehension’ night upstairs, and the bar and restaurant are busy. Enquiries about Jolene’s sick aunt result in Sid and Fallon telling radically different stories; is she called Cilla or Stella? Is she penniless or a millionaire? Has she had a hip replacement or her cataracts removed? No-one seems very clear.
  • Kathy and Kenton have brought their respective children for a meal at the Bull. Characteristically, Kenton disappears upstairs to hear the bands, leaving Kathy to deal with a major strop from Meriel. Sid tells Kathy to take Meriel outside.
  • Pat and Tony are dining at the Bull, too, though Pat’s not really in the mood for it. She was so looking forward to having Helen home for the weekend and now she can’t come. Tony tells her to be more positive; it was Helen’s own choice to go back to the clinic, and it’s in Helen’s best interests to stay there.

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