Kenton is proving to be rather a “good time guy” when it comes to Meriel.

Radio Times: Kathy tires of being mother hen.

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  • Phoebe’s silkies are doing well at the show but Roy thinks others might be more professional. They’ve still done really, really well. Highly commended is very respectable for a first time.
  • Linda is still trying to persuade someone to play Scrooge. Mike is her current victim. He isn’t interested. But he’s heard Joe is…
  • Kenton thinks Meriel is feeling better today but Kathy isn’t too sure she’s over it. She is being rather demanding about the types of food she will eat too. It also could be upsetting for Jamie. Perhaps Sid has a point. Every time there is a real job to do Kenton hands Meriel over to Jill or Kathy. Tomorrow, Kenton thinks he will take her into Jaxx – it’s not just women who can multi task you know!

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