Kenton is running up phone bills, Ruth is seeing her specialist, Brian finds out that Matt has split from his wife but Lilian doesn’t know.

Radio Times: Brian finds some juicy gossip.

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  • Brian is furious when he notices that the wheat in the 45 acre field has been blitzed by weedkiller. Why don’t Adam and Debbie just talk to each other. Brian is off to a Borchester Land meeting. What on earth would they think.
  • Pip is really looking forward to her break from school. Ruth is sure she will find things for them to do. Ruth’s cough still isn’t getting better though. Phil’s at a loose end since Kenton has taken Meriel into Jaxx. How Meriel can occupy herself there is anyone’s guess. Kenton is certainly running up Phil’s phone bill to New Zealand too.
  • Brian hears that Matt is breaking up with his wife. No hope of a reconciliation. It was “work” of course, that has caused the separation. Divorce is likely to be pricey. Somehow he hasn’t quite got around to telling Lilian – it’s very delicate, Matt does hope that he and Brian can keep it strictly between themselves. Brian says he won’t breathe a word.
  • Plans for the Harvest Supper are well under way. Pip still doesn’t seem to be settling at school. She’s not so panicky about homework but she still doesn’t seem to have made any friends yet. Phil and David think she will be fine given time. Ruth manages to whisper to David that she is seeing Dr Saunders on Thursday. David is relieved.
  • Brian completely feels to keep his word to Matt – Jennifer must promise not to tell a soul.

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