Joe gets the part of scrooge, Jennifer is already spreading the news of Matt’s divorce, alas, Aunt Stella has passed away so Jolene won’t be back for a while.

Radio Times: Fallon tires of telling tales.

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  • Joe is still trying to get the part of Scrooge. Buying joke glasses seems to be his idea, but Kenton thinks his usual garb of grubby scarf and fingerless gloves are more the thing. Kenton manages to get Meriel covered in ketchup – but not to worry, Kathy can wash her clothes.
  • Fallon is pleased with the way Comprehension went. Someone said it was the best club night for ages. She will do another one in a few weeks – with a small entrance fee this time. Tom says Helen is doing well and may get a home visit soon. And how is Jolene’s Aunt getting on…. Peggy wants to know too. It’s getting a bit much.
  • Lynda is still refusing to audition Joe. He’s never shown the aptitude or the self discipline for such a big role. But he’s beginning to wear her down.
  • Tom is gearing up for his sausage challenge. Brenda can’t cover his sausages specifically – she has to be impartial. Meanwhile, Meriel has managed to get covered in face paint this time.
  • Jennifer is already spilling the beans about Matt Crawford and Yvette getting divorced. Peggy is please Lilian isn’t being blamed. But she’s amazed Lilian hasn’t been told. Jennifer can see that Matt wouldn’t want Lilian going at the divorce like a bull at a gate. Peggy must promise not to say anything.
  • Joe has been given the part of Scrooge “provisionally” but Joe sees it as pretty fixed. Kenton is buying scotch to celebrate. For some reason, Kathy was pretty cross when he brought Meriel home so he thought it best to leave Kathy on her own to bath her. Fallon tells them that Aunt Stella has died. Sid doesn’t seem to know but struggles on. But that must mean Jolene won’t be able to come back at the weekend. She will have to arrange the funeral and it wouldn’t look natural…. Sid hadn’t thought of that….

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