Brian is thinking of more investment in Hungary to Adam and Debbie’s consternation. A relationship seems to be building between Kathy and Owen.

Radio Times: Debbie and Adam fear for the future.

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  • Debbie and Adam are still a bit tense, especially before their regular business meeting with Brian. Adam is particularly fed up that Ian is bringing Owen along for their next date. Befriending an orphan puppy.
  • Kathy will have to spend the weekend with Jamie now that Jolene will have to stay away for Aunty Stella’s funeral… But she was very elderly. Much more elderly than, say, Julia. Julia, meanwhile, is preparing a “Friends of Julia” convention at Lower Loxley. Although Elizabeth and Nigel seem to have different ideas.
  • Brian presents the returns from Hungary over the past few years. He’s already double his initial investment but he thinks they should go even further – maybe £100k. Debbie and Adam aren’t impressed. Put more money into Hungary and there will be nothing left for Home Farm. The world market is too dangerous. But Brian thinks it’s a question of returns. They’ve got to follow the money.
  • Kathy and Owen try to convince her that she should keep herself more mysterious from her fans. The fans probably remember her as a bright young thing. It would be interested to see how they will react to her now. But Julia suddenly remembers that the Convention might not be such a good idea. To celebrate, Kathy and Owen share a glass of Chablis. She’s having such a rough time with the children. Owen tries to convince her to stay and let Kenton cope with the kids. Owen agrees to help with the refreshments for Shrek 2, as long as it’s not the same night he is out with Ian and Adam. A pity Adam never has much to say for himself.
  • Debbie and Adam are very anxious about Hungary. It is bad enough if it goes wrong – a lot of money gone. But if it’s a success, he could run down Home Farm to a hobby farm, and where would that leave them?

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