Ruth needs an x ray about her cough. Jack blurts out about Matt’s divorce to Lilian. Oliver and Caroline have been accepted as foster parents.

Radio Times: Jack’s forgetfulness causes trouble.

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  • Sam and David are getting ready for the Harvest Festival. Ruth is missing her salsa classes. Sam reckons it’s the girl talk she’s missing. He can’t provide that. David admits he’s worried about Ruth. Sam is surprised to hear about the mastectomy. The trouble with cancer is when it comes back you don’t know where it will show itself first.
  • Betty was surprised about how upset Jolene was about her Aunt’s death. Jolene didn’t seem to know what Betty was talking about when she answered the phone. She must have been really upset – Sid had to spend ages calming her down.
  • Jennifer is telling Brian off for winding up Debbie and Adam. Telling them about Hungary might make them pull together a bit more.
  • Ruth has got to go for an x ray. She should get the results by about Tuesday or Wednesday. The Doctor is pretty sure it’s just a virus but it’s common sense to make sure. Jack wanders into the cow shed. He’s come to see the new calf. But he needs to go with Ruth to find his way back to the supper.
  • Sam takes on Brian at conkers at the Harvest Supper. Brian was unbeaten in his Scout troop for two years – but not tonight. Caroline and Oliver have finally been accepted as foster parents. They are to expect youngsters who will “respond to life in a rural community”. It must be hard growing up without you parents – it’s so easy to split up these days. Jack was just remembering about the people Peggy had said were getting divorced. They try to stop him but he still blurts out Matt Crawford.

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