Helen has a successful home visit and Matt confesses to Lilian about the divorce.

Radio Times: Matt finds himself cornered.

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  • Helen finally gets home for a break from the clinic. She seems to be making some progress. She seems a bit hyperactive and so relieved to be home. Pat is over reacting too, planning her return to the clinic. But she goes back without a problem.
  • Matt is drowning his sorrows waiting for Lilian in the Bull. Sid has finally convinced Jolene to stay away, but now they are drowning in flowers. He had no idea how kind people would be. He and Fallon are planning an R&B night in the Bull upstairs.
  • Lilian finally arrives. She winds Matt up, refusing to tell him why she wanted to see him. Finally he catches on that she knows about the divorce and he is forced to confess.

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