David avoids been cast by Lynda; Lilian worries that she has been cast off by Matt.

Radio Times: Lilian frets that she’s burnt her bridges.

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  • Lilian and Alice have enjoyed a good ride together and Lilian is bent on giving her niece some advice on her love life, although it all seems to fit Lilian’s situation more than Alice’s.
  • At Brookfield, David has successfully fended off another attempt by Lynda to cast him. Jill has called on her way to Home Farm, to help plan Peggy’s 80th birthday surprise party. She observes in passing that Ruth’s cough seems to be better.
  • The only way to keep secret the party at Grey Gables is not to tell Jack – so that was decided upon. Lilian is still smarting from the trouble he caused her last week. Jill has had an idea, arising from Chris’s appreciation of the photo album the family gave her – why not make up an album for Peggy?
  • The Herefords would not be quite so keen to get at the hay David is giving them if they understood why he wanted a close look at them – to decide which three shall go for slaughter. Ruth muses on Jill’s comment: her cough does indeed seem better, though she will be more at ease when the X-ray results come through.
  • Alone with her sister, Lilian confides that she thinks she may have burnt her bridges with Matt. Jennifer thinks maybe she should have let Matt’s secret out: she knows only too well what it feels like to be the last to know. Since Friday lunchtime Lilian has heard nothing, in spite of leaving messages for him. Maybe he has someone else – he is not just getting rid of Yvette but her too. She was too clever and he didn’t like it; what if she has lost him for good?

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