Kenton needs taking in hand about his role as a father.

Radio Times: Joe tries some method acting.

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  • Joe has taken time out of his busy rehearsal schedule to transport Kenton and the kids, Daniel and Meriel, to gather wood for a bonfire. Meriel especially wanted ‘Uncle Joe’ to take them and he was happy to oblige – not very characteristic of Scrooge!
  • Adam takes up his mother’s offer of lunch but only after he has checked that Lilian is not coming. She will fall apart if her suspicions about Matt are correct and he has got another woman. It is beyond Jennifer what any woman sees in him.
  • Pat reports to Betty on Helen’s progress and that she can have another, longer home visit on Friday. Tony and Mike are going fishing again; Betty encourages Pat to take up a hobby but she declares herself too busy
  • While Jill delivers some photos to Home Farm, going back to 1955, for Peggy’s album, Kenton is presiding over a minor accident: Daniel has cut his finger on a rusty nail.
  • Betty has a poster she is about to put up in the shop but she thinks maybe Pat will find something of interest at Borchester Leisure Centre – thanks but no thanks. But wait, there’s Tai Chi; Helen has talked about that; it’s good for relaxation. Betty and Pat will give it a go.
  • While Meriel is being given her tea by Phil, Jill wants a word with Kenton. Shula has been at casualty all afternoon with Daniel. Kenton thinks Shula has, as usual, gone over the top. Jill puts him right about the responsibilities of looking after children; just being a loving father is not enough. He must ring Shula and apologise, which he agrees to do – tomorrow!

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