Jolene returns to a house full of flowers; Kenton makes another childcare gaff.

Radio Times: Kathy gives some lessons in parenting.

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  • Tom is ambitious about the Sausage Trail; he only wants first and second prizes! He can count on Susan to help with extra production but Neil is too busy even to vote. The building inspector has insisted that a corner of the house be taken down and rebuilt because too much mortar has been allowed to fall into the cavity. Who was the errant bricklayer? Mike!
  • Kenton is planning to take the kids to Kathy’s film night; he is coming in for some criticism, which he attributes to Shula making a mountain out of a molehill, about giving Meriel two bars of chocolate.
  • Jolene is back and is surprised to find her bedroom full of flowers – and that is just the overflow from the lounge! She is appalled; they must have cost a fortune; it’s so dishonest; they have taken advantage of people’s goodwill.
  • Owen is a star. Kathy is getting no help from Kenton but Owen has taken care of the catering. The evening is a sell-out. Owen does not expect Adam to come; last night Owen and Ian could hardly get a word out of him.
  • While most of the village is watching the film, the pub is quiet. Neil starts to probe about poor Aunt Stella’s funeral and quickly hits upon an aspect where Sid and Jolene have not got their story straight. Neil can see that Jolene is still upset: you can see it in her eyes; there is a real strain there.
  • Kathy finally gets home, after a drink with Owen, rather late, only to find that the kids have only just gone to bed. When she has pacified Meriel, she will need to talk to Kenton about his child care skills; Kenton has no idea what her problem is.

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