Matt surfaces and Lilian handles him with kid gloves.

Radio Times: Lilian tries to get the low-down.

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  • Ruth and David have offloaded their elder children for the day but Phil and Jill have not taken Meriel too, as they had planned; Kenton is being a ‘responsible dad’ and has taken her to the library. Ruth has phoned the surgery: the X-ray was all clear. That’s wonderful news which must be celebrated; just doing ordinary things without worrying is celebration enough for Ruth.
  • Lilian’s ride on Tolley is interrupted by her mobile; it’s the long awaited call from Matt. She summons up unprecedented levels of restraint and forgiveness, quietly letting him apologise for not ringing her – been in town, very busy … He takes some persuading but she does extract a half-promise to come round later for a neck massage.
  • Ruth finds Mike demolishing the offending corner of the house with good grace and great care, so as to re-use the bricks. He is happy to distribute leaflets for their Hereford beef.
  • In the Bull, there’s more embarrassment for Jolene as Matt, then David, then Mike and Neil express their condolences; they are sure they have touched a raw nerve. David and Ruth are having a lunch without explaining what they are celebrating. Unfortunately Lynda caught David while he was in a good mood – so he is now in the play!
  • Matt appreciates the shoulder massage but rejects any advice from Lilian about his divorce: he can handle it and he already has a good solicitor on the case.

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