Tom’s sausages are the Sausage Trail winners.

Radio Times: Tom gets competitive.

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  • It’s the day of the Sausage Trail and Tom is on edge, checking that all is well at Jaxx. Truth to tell, his presence is not welcome and not really helping. Fortunately he also has to check on Ambridge Organics …
  • Kirsty has had a busy day and is not receptive to Tom’s gimmicky ideas to boost votes. So he had better get back to Jaxx …
  • Wayne Foley is recording vox pops but has the misfortune to pick on Mike, which does not provide quite the material he was looking for.
  • He has little better luck with Kirsty. What he really wants to hear about is conflict but everyone, including Kirsty, is really polite. Tom returns and is happy to oblige: Carrington’s sausages are good – for people of his gran’s generation – but they are safe and bland; young people today want something more tasty. His big secret is that they are organic from happy pigs. Mike unhelpfully observes that his pig-man is as cheery as a line of wet washing.
  • Kenton returns home exhausted and, though he asks about Kathy’s day with the kids, he is bored with the response long before the end. When Kathy suggests that he baths Meriel, he complains that he has been working all day.
  • On the way home, Kirsty and Tom hear the results on the radio. It was close: Trevor Carrington’s prime beef had a lot of support but the winner is – Tom Archer. A celebration is called for, but first Tom must leave a message for the supermarket buyer: how can they fail to want his sausages in all of their stores after this.

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