Debbie leaves but not before opening Adam’s eyes to their sister’s problem.

Radio Times: Mike tries to get back in the game.

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  • A ride with her big sister has cheered Alice up and she reveals that it’s Amy who has been upsetting her. She has been really awful about Alice joining the RAF. It’s against her principles, so the atmosphere is unlikely to improve.
  • Mike is flustered. He is late for his ‘date’ with Alison and he is at pains to explain why, though she really doesn’t require him to.
  • When the time comes for Debbie to be taken to the airport by her brother, Jennifer’s attempt to get Ruairidh to kiss her is clearly unwelcome.
  • Now Mike has managed to spill red wine on Alison’s blouse. She is in no doubt why he is in such a state and he clarifies that it is 35 years since he went out with a woman he doesn’t know. So she suggests that he stops thinking of it as a date, just friends talking, and friends are allowed to talk about what matters to them. Clearly Alison’s marriage had not been as happy as Mike’s and it will be a long time before she is ready for a serious relationship. But she encourages Mike to get out there: dating agency, internet etc.
  • Adam has heard that Debbie chewed Brian’s ear for questioning his judgment and assures her that she has been helpful this week. She is enjoying the freedom she has in Hungary. Adam should seek some freedom too: with Ruairidh on the scene the future of the farm is uncertain. Adam has been impressed with Alice but Debbie confides that all is not well at the Vicarage. Alice has turned down the offer to stay at Honeysuckle Cottage once but maybe Adam should renew the invitation.

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