Jennifer counts her blessings and heads for South Africa.

Radio Times: Roy finds an unwelcome guest at Grey Gables.

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  • Debbie has agreed to give Adam a hand and is looking forward to some real work – not just meetings and computers. Jennifer has found a flight but not booked it yet, much to her daughter’s dismay. Debbie is still cool with Brian, squashing his suggestion of a chat to bring him up to speed on matters Hungarian. Brian is pursuing a place at St Chad’s for Ruairidh as a backup in case he cannot get into Loxley Barrett.
  • Roy has changed the Stirling Gold poster to include news of Helen’s prizewinning prowess as a cheese-maker. He suggests to Alice that she might like to come back during her University vacations. Alice has found a magazine with big eyed scaly creatures and Roy insists that he will deal with it – tell no-one.
  • Debbie is helping by driving a tractor and grain trailer but Brian is disappointed that she does not drive the combine. She puts him right about the wisdom of Adam’s management decision and recommends that he learns from him.
  • Jennifer is slow to be convinced that Brian and Adam will cope with the farm and Brian with Ruairidh but finally she books her flight. One good thing that has come out of all this is that Adam and Debbie are closer; they should be grateful for that.

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