Robert (as Dylan Nells) meets his editor and is not impressed.

Radio Times: Robert’s acting skills are put to the test.

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  • Glen, the editor of Borchester Life, or B-Life as the in-crowd call it, likes to spend some face-time with his writers, which is how he comes to be meeting Robert, believing him to be Dylan Nells. He has a lot to say about his plans for B-Life, none of which impresses Robert, sorry Dylan, who professes to have been quite good at composition when at school. Glen only asks that he be himself! Not being himself, Robert wonders whether he could be paid in cash – not possible.
  • At Grey Gables the launch arrangements for Stirling Gold are going well. Jack and Peggy are visiting for coffee and Jack is being troublesome; they take coffee in a private room.
  • Roy shares with Caroline that his father is reticent about being asked out on a ‘date’ by his new acquaintance, Alison; he has told Mike to think of it as seeing a mate.
  • Jack is really giving trouble: he believes he has seen something with big beady eyes in the broom cupboard. Roy investigates but there is nothing there. Also, Lynda has heard a hissing sound in the pipes. (Reading too much Harry Potter, perhaps.)
  • Robert reports back to Lynda Snell his experience as Dylan Nells. He reckons that if there were an award for pretentious twaddle, Glen would win Gold. He is bent on ‘pushing the B-Life envelope’; basically he hates the ordinary people who read it.

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