Debbie returns. David’s revenge is revealed.

Radio Times: Debbie meets Home Farm’s newest resident.

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  • Debbie returns, en route to South Africa; Jennifer meets her at the airport alone, although Ruairidh wanted to come – Jennifer has told him all about Debbie.
  • Ruth is very interested in The Courier; their builder ‘friend’ has had a load of manure dumped in his drive. David admits to being the culprit; apparently he rang on Sunday, swore a bit but is most unlikely to make anything of it – or he will be investigated for dumping yew.
  • On meeting Debbie, Ruairidh is rather subdued. Debbie is cool with Brian, spurning his offer to bring in her bags.
  • Ruth and David are visiting another farm on Monday to talk about Brown Swiss cows; the Huxleys sound very helpful. Bert has borrowed the angle grinder to help with the gazebo at Lower Loxley; Ruth was glad to give it to him to get rid of him, he was so full of his bard performance yesterday.
  • Debbie meets Alice at Grey Gables because she is keen to buy her big sister a drink. Debbie wonders why she didn’t go to Auntie Lilian or Adam rather than to the Vicarage, but she explains that she wanted to ‘do a Debbie’ and stand on her own feet with no help from the family.

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