Alice encourages Jennifer to go to South Africa. Lynda bullies Robert into posing as Dylan Nells.

Radio Times: Will finds himself in the spotlight.

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  • Lynda and Alan are in discussion about their successful bid for Heritage Lottery funding and Lynda is impressed that Amy and Alice are being considerate and not making their presence felt. To prove the point, when the doorbell rings Alice ushers the visitor (her mother) into the garden.
  • Clarrie is surprised to find that William has George for the afternoon – Emma is at the dentist. Clarrie is a bit put out that she heard gossip about William having a girlfriend and had to pretend that she knew all about it. William placates her by claiming the he and Nic, short for Nicola, have met only a couple of times.
  • Alice assures her mother that she really doesn’t mind about Jennifer being away for her exam results. If there are any problems, Alice will deal with them. It would be great for Kate, so Jennifer must go.
  • Gradually Clarrie wheedles more information out of William: Nic has two boys and George gets on with both of them.
  • After her meeting, Lynda is joined by Robert for a picnic lunch. He has brought the post which includes a letter for Borchester Life for Dylan Nells; they want ‘him’ to do more articles, beginning with another restaurant review, but they want a face to face meeting. Robert refuses to play along but Lynda will not take no for an answer; against his better judgment he reaches for his mobile to ring the editor.

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