Jennifer plans a trip to South Africa while Brian looks after Ruairidh.

Radio Times: Revenge is sweet for David and Kenton.

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  • Kenton and David are up to something in the dead of night. When David comes to bed he disturbs Ruth but gives nothing away about his nocturnal activities.
  • Ruairidh had a broken night but Brian dealt with him. Jennifer is delighted that Debbie is calling in en route to South Africa to see Kate and the new baby. Brian suggests that Jennifer goes too; her immediate reaction is that they have their hands full here.
  • Ruth has no more success getting the truth out of Kenton, who stayed the night.
  • Jennifer has mulled over Brian’s suggestion; couldn’t they both go, with Ruairidh? It would be unsettling for Ruairidh; maybe later. Brian reckons he can cope with Ruairidh by himself and Jennifer deserves to go. But for Ruairidh, she would not think twice, so Brian is anxious to avoid any subconscious resentment towards Ruairidh. If Jennifer is away for two weeks – it’s not worth going for less – she would miss Alice’s exam results. Would Alice mind? Why not ask her?

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