Debbie makes her presence felt from Hungary.

Radio Times: Adam faces an uncertain future.

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  • The quarters for the strawberry pickers at Home Farm have had a good spring clean which, Adam hopes, will suit Debbie’s Hungarian students. Over his head she has organised for them to come over; she just emailed Brian. He will raise it at the meeting later …
  • … but he finds he has been trumped again by his sister who has written a discussion paper “An alternative future for Home Farm”; it’s radical and Adam cannot believe that Brian is entertaining it – getting contractors to do the work, selling off the machinery. Adam has little choice but to take it away and read it.
  • Fallon has paid a return visit to Jack and Peggy with a much better result; Jack is talkative and enjoys telling tales of Grey Gables. Fallon promises seats at the premier; she also offers Peggy to be available for a chat any time she feels like it.
  • Brian is giving serious thought to Debbie’s paper. The world has changed and they may have to change too – maybe for the better.
  • Adam’s view is somewhat different; Debbie is trying to take over the whole show. It’s not really what Ian wants to hear on his afternoon off, although he was already finding it difficult to relax and has concluded that as an interior designer, he is a very good chef. The Japanese effect has not worked; the lounge will just have to be changed back again.

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